Customer Service / Order Processing
Step 1: You send us your online order, and usually within 1-2 working days
Step 2: we e-mail you our order confirmation, giving expected delivery time.
Step 3: You send credit card number or payment as verification of your order.
Step 4: We send you the goods within time frame given in our order confirmation, normally within one week after payment if on stock, (assuming that ordered items are not sold out between steps 2 and 3, which could delay shipment by up to 2 weeks).

Transtit time to North America usually 1-2 weeks, Europe 2-10 days, Asia 2-10 days, Australia 1-2 weeks, Africa 1-3 weeks. Delays are possible due to public holidays (which vary in different countries) and company holidays, which are most likely during the months of March/April and October and may in some cases cause processing delays of 1-2 weeks.

Should you at any time after receiving our confirmation wish to investigate the status of your order, you may simply fill in your e-mail address and our order confirmation number in the following fields and click on ORDER STATUS. If you have problems sending this request with your browser just send us an e-mail. You will get the requested information usually within one working day:

E-Mail: Order#: