Sales Conditions

Order Confirmation
The Internet makes ordering easy, but unfortunately this advatage is mistaken as an invitation for some people who place false orders with non existing addresses, wrong addresses or in other people's names. Some people also change their mind again after they order, eg because they realize they cannot afford payment. Due to the rather high percentage of such non-serious orders (some 25-50% of order forms submitted!), there is only one simple but efficient way to eliminate problems and cost caused by such orders: Payment, as only true and final verification. We are sure our genuine customers understand this, as it is in their own interest: Returned shipments (also unaccepted C.O.D. shipments) of fake orders, as well as non-payments, which are practically impossible to follow up internationally, cause unnecessary cost and work. This would ultimately have to be be paid by our honest and serious customers.

Minimum Order - Shipping Cost
We have absolutely no minimum order value, so it is no problem if you just want to test one piece of one particular item. Regardless of the order size we charge US$ 10.00 per order for shipping and handling, which includes worldwide delivery by registered airmail!

A worldwide operating mailorder service relies on efficiency. We want to maintain our existing reputation of being a reliable supplier and we have already many regular customers on all continents. The reply we can give to those who ask "...but who will guarantee I will get my goods after I pay?" is: WE DO! We send our shipments by registered airmail within the period stated in our order confirmation (usually a week, but possibly longer if a certain product is out of stock), and no matter where in the world you live, you should normally get your goods 1-2 weeks after we ship. Especially smaller quantities are declared as samples to simplify and speed up customs clearance, and so far we have not had any reports from customers that they had problems receiving the goods, even though in some cases customs inspections had delayed the delivery (however still without any additional cost or problems). So far in one single case the goods were delivered just over one month after we shipped - but this was a true exception and a record so far. In the unlikely event that a registered shipment gets lost you will get a replacement, even though in the worst case this may take as long as the entire investigation process. Please note that the earliest we can start this investigation process is a month after shipping.
While it has so far happened only once that a mail shipment to the USA had not arrived at all (and we had to send a replacement), courier alternatives such as UPS, FedEx and others are extremely expensive when it comes to shipping ex our German warehouse. If you insist on this option the extra charge will be at least US$ 35.00 per shipment. While you save a few days transit time and get a tracking number for instant tracking you may think twice if these advantages are worth the extra money. Shipments ex German warehouse within the European Community are usually shipped by DPD.

All goods we ship have undergone several quality inspections and are sure to be top quality, and as described in our online catalogue. Please note that due to the nature of the product we cannot exchange or refund. Especially sheer to ultrasheer hosiery is subject to easy damage if not handled properly and carefully. If in any doubt about the smooth condition of your hand surface, fingers and fingernails, we recommend you wear rubber gloves and in any case use utmost care when putting on hosiery. We highly recommend in any case that before you make any purchase decision you read our Product Information.

For the convenience of our customers we have a selection of payment options. While credit card payments are most common, customers in North America can pay by US money order or cheque, customers in Europe can pay by Eurocheque and customers anywhere can pay by direct TT (telegraphic transfer) to our account in Thailand. For the TT option you should consider that bank fees can be rather substantial (US$ 20-50 per transfer!), regardless of the amount.
As special security feature for credit card payments the relevant information is split in two completely separate mails, sent at two different times with two different senders to two different addresses, and each part of this information is useless just by itself - only we can combine and verify the two parts. One part of the information is to be submitted on the order form, sent by your browser to our Server. After checking availability of the ordered items you will receive an order confirmation and the request to submit the missing part of the credit card information along with our order confirmation number, which is at the same time your final verification of your order. If you still don't trust in submitting your credit card information in the above mentioned way, you may fax it or even airmail it - but you can be assured that neither is any safer!

If you have any queries you may contact us by e-mail, fax or airmail. Please note that due to the time difference of Thailand compared to our main markets in Europe and America we do not encourage telephone calls. Our full address is:

Fine Image Co., Ltd., 160 Moo 6, Tonthongchai, Amphur Muang, Lampang 52000, THAILAND
Fax +66-54-323417