...can not be and do not want to be competition to your local retailer, who sells great value pantyhose for every day use and for most average consumers. Our specialty are products that cannot be found locally, no matter where in the world you live! While none of our products is made in any part of America, most have their origin in various parts of Europe, few in Asia. And still: even in Europe there is no such country where you could find the majority of our products even in local specialty stores! Strong local brands are in control of all the national markets and prevent foreign brands from entering it, and at the same time they fail to enter foreign markets themselves for the very same reason. As a result availability of a true variety of hosiery is practically not existing in retail stores of single countries. The reason for us to specialize in hard to find, unusual qualities at the high end of the market. We get specialties from many different countries, and offer them truly worldwide - ONLY on the Internet.

While we could be located anywhere in the world we serve (most places have advantages as well as drawbacks and are thus more or less suitable), our company happens to be based in Northern Thailand. In some cases we may however ship ex our European warehouse in Germany, depending on the stock and supply situation - you may also well receive your order in two separate shipments.

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